Our Story

¬†How it all started…

After our recent journey through the countryside of Japan we decided to take the plunge and do what we love…

watch things grow!

We are starting our urban farm growing microgreens and making sprouted hummus because the germination and first stage of a plant’s life cycle provides the most nutrients per gram compared to it’s mature counterparts.

And feeding our city & communities with high quality nutrients straight from Mother Nature is what we decided to do coming back from Japan, being landless farmers with a passion to grow organically!

Why the name “Camissa Moon?”

Camissa is the reason we use spring water from Table Mountain to grow our greens.

The indigenous people of the Cape, the Khoena named the waters and rivers Camissa, meaning “The Place of Sweet Water”.

We are grateful to the custodians of this land that ensured water sources were kept clean and eco-systems were looked after.

Being students of Biodynamic Agriculture we understand the importance of the Moon calendar in natural agriculture. We strive to maintain a holistic approach in how we produce high quality and healthy food.

The magic of Sprouts and Microgreens

Sprouts & Microgreens are when seeds take all their energy and nutrients to birth into life. The release of all that life force is the peak nutritional & mineral stage of the plant, far more so that it’s mature vegetable form. It is a deeply fulfilling experience to be a part of cultivating the new life cycle of plants and we want to share the magic!

Ancient civilisations sprouted food as part of their food culture for centuries. And modern science today is able to measure just exactly how much more sprouts & microgreens are able to nourish, heal and replenish the body with it’s vitamins, mineral, trace elements, amino acids, protein content and much much more…

Why Us?


Spring water in cultivation & processing


Promote food security


Free delivery (area dependent)


Compostable packaging


Organically grown


High quality nutrients


We use certified biodynamic cleaning products from "Bloublommetjies Kloof" farm


“I love having fresh live trays in my kitchen to harvest from straight onto my plate. It has become a staple in my home to maintain health for my family. And your hummus is the best I know!”



“I call myself a bit of a hummus connoisseur but this is unbelieveable. The hummus and the microgreens together is a whole taste experience. Such a simple combination yet so effective. Throw a bit of olive oil and add some chilli flakes and you’ve got yourself a 5 star meal. It’s honestly unbelieveable.”


“I’ve never tasted fresher microgreens. I put them on everything and get such joy knowing that I’m adding massive nutritional value AND it makes any meal look delicious. Plus the sprouted hummus is the bees knees. It doesn’t taste dense and filling like other hummuses. It tastes vibrant and alive.”